Features and Functionality

Clinical Operations

Medez™ provides a full-service clinical solution for both outpatient and inpatient programs.Read more

Practice Management

Medez application is an administrative system providing extensive coordination among all level of the facility operations. Read more


Statistical Reports & KPIs

Medez™ offers a wide variety of tools created to guide management decisions towards the areas of desired outcome. Read more

Billing & Revenue Cycle Managementt

Medez™ is the expert solution designed to automate your billing process from the first encounter with the patient up to the check out moment. Read more


Medez™ Modules

Medez™ powers the digital transformation of your facility operations to create effective, SMART, customer centric environment.

Doctor Module

This EHR Module allows to manage for daily user activities in the outpatient program. View

Clinical Dashboard

the full-service operation dashboard for inpatient programs, allowing the users to fulfill all daily clinical operations.



full access tool for management of all pharmacy functions, including medication dispensing and inventory control.



Fully integrated tool to order, process and report test results for both internal and external lab systems.



Medez™ provides a flexible scheduler tool to book, manage and track patients appointments in the outpatient program.


Patient Navigator

a multifunctional module with access to various areas of patient information.


Document Management

This tool provides quick and user-friendly way to track and manage any existing & past patient records.


Medez™ is a trusted provider of services for The UAE government facilities since 2011.